10271605_10153018915671029_3685689816298609267_nIt’s finally  up running. Such a relief. Have felt bad and rather embarrassed about my old website for years but those who know me also realize how many other fun things in my life that I rather waste my precious time with. A million of thanks to Niklas Emegård who very patiently guided me trough this project. An extremely talented character with a seemingly endless amount of patience. Typically he bikes around 3000 meters in altitude in the morning, telemarks four runs from Grand Montets after lunch, picks up his kids from the ski school and in between led a confused Felix trough some impossible computer programming details. Then he takes of for two hours swim training in the Cham pool. I’d love to try whatever pills that gives him all this energy. Or is he just trying to beat his wife Ulrika who also is very serious about sports? I have seldom been as impressed by a young talented family. Thanks again for everything and sorry for all the loud music and dancing at night. Young guys like me gets crazy after sunset and just have to let some of the steam out. Maybe time for some champagne this afternoon apre ski?


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