Off The Road

Heavy stuff. Around four kilos of the highest quality paper and coated finish on the color pictures from our excursions off the beaten roads. The orange sleeve contains two books which is better than one as everyone knows. Felix & Felix is me and my long time favorite partner and dear friend Felix Oppenheim and none of us (especially me) like to be in the office more than absolutely necessary. Met this crazy guy Foppis when he was one of my students trying learn how to become a ski instructor and ended up as my most ambitious student ever and this started a chain of consequences that no one managed to control. We still do a lot of things outside and sometimes also work successfully together on bigger assignments. When asked who should do the design work for this project, I suggested Lars Hall, one of Sweden’s most prizewinning art directors ever. Something we never regretted. Our clever and favorite sidekick Niclas Sjögren (yes the one who shaves his legs to go faster and longer and more stylish on one of his many ridiculously light carbon bikes) wrote the intro and helped us drink a lot of wine for inspiration. This is very much about living our dreams and more and I really hope that I never have to go trough that many of my stock pictures again. One of my friends told me that when she came into National Geographic’s London office, the book was displayed up front and the very first one to be recognized upon entering. Always trying to be humble, I still claim not to be the least surprised… /FSCR