Folio Bildbyrå –

These friendly guys are also selling my stock pictures. Leading stock agency in Scandinavia.


Felix Oppenheim –

Totally crazy but very positive character, fun friend and partner for many years. Also a photographer which I have had the pleasure to share our Stockholm studio and lots of work together with for bigger assignments in other parts of the world. Felix & Felix, yes thats the two of us together and a hardworking team with lots of outdoor experience.


Niclas Sjögren –

Very talented writer who can stay away from crazy ladies and drinking too much at night and consequently wake up early in the morning ready for some hard work. Makes it easier for me to catch the first light even if he rather would be biking somwhere else. Believe me, I have brought him to strange places all over the world, and he is not always feeling great but always deliver an excellent story for my client.


Fiskartorpet –

A great oasis just eight minutes by bike from Stockholm center. Managed by Wille Winell, the wizzard of impossible missions. He reshaped this classical spot in Stockholms biggest park and created a surprisingly good location in a unique natural setting. Parties, events, exhibitions or almost anything  you can imagine. Satisfaction guaranteed. Just ask him about their impressive list of clients.



Cameras to be trusted outdoors. Sand, salt-water, snow, moisture. I changed to the Canon system 1982 and my cameras has very seldom let me down and the few times it happens, their service is unbeatable. That means 32 years as a happy user without ever having regretted that decision.


Scandinavian Photo –

Best photo suppliers in Scandinavia. Friendly, helpful and expert staff. Great locations. I say  no more.


Patagonia –

My favorite outdoor clothing company all categories. Their policy, concern about nature and quality equipment is just right. I still wear stuff that I got from their earliest production. Those pieces even age beautifully and when they really are finished, I  can probably dispose whats not recyclable in my compost. Climber, surfer, philosopher, businessman and fly fisher, Mr Yvon Chouinard – respect.


Icebreaker –

Merino wool totally changed the comfort for the whole outdoor game. Max function without stink and also very pleasant to wear. Haute Route ski touring for a week or more in the  same underwear and still feeling pretty decent. Just love that fabric and it even works great in the tropics. Never leave home without it…


Subaru –

My first car sponsor ever and I still like their well built constructions a lot. Most reliable and safe car I ever had.  Not exactly a Ferrari but still a lot of fun to drive with a low center of gravity because of the boxer engine, a smart four wheel drive system and come snow, ice or tricky uphill mountain roads and it always gets me there and home safely.


Salomon –

All the hard wear I need for having fun out there.  And a great client to work with for years.


Thule –


ARS-Nakaya –

Probably the highest quality garden tools in the world. All the way from Japan. Because you’r worth it…


Munchie –

Munchie Cuisine et Bar in Chamonix. The only home away from home you need in this part of the world. Great international crossover food presented by the friendliest staff you can imagine. I feel a bit stupid ending up there all the time but just can’t help myself…